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September 14, 2017

James Coombes Table Engine

by martinbrewster2010

The James Coombes Table Engine was built from Stuart Castings and took around six weeks to complete.  

This was an enjoyable and straightforward model to build.  Depending on experience I would highly recommend this as a second model to anyone starting out in model engineering.  The kit is a complete kit, which includes all materials, castings, gaskets and fasteners.  The castings are cast iron and of a quality you would expect from a long established company such as Stuart.  The drawings are in Imperial Measurements, so if you are only used to Metric, there will be some converting to do.  All fastenings are in BA thread sizes.  The model is based on an engine that worked at a Bristol colliery for more than a hundred years and is approximately 1:12 scale.  The cylinder bore is 1″ (25.4mm) and the Flywheel is 7″ (180mm), the overall height is 14.5″ (370mm).  All in all a very nice kit to add to your collection.


The video shows a test run on compressed air at roughly scale speed from my airbrush compressor, the operating pressure being around 1-1.5 psi.  The base is a temporary one for the time being until I find something more suitable.




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