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September 14, 2017

Quick Change Toolpost

by martinbrewster2010

At last, it’s finally arrived!!!. It’s only taken me two years to get around to buying one of these, so to be sure I would get one compatible with my lathe I went to Toolco Ltd to order it.  The service was superb, the package arrived after only two days, which is a record to the Channel Islands, what could go wrong?  I opened the well sealed box, dumped the mound of polystyrene packaging only to find they had sent the wrong size, b******!!!!

OK we all make mistakes, the two additional tool holders I ordered were the right size, but the tool-post itself was the next size up.  A quick phone call and Toolco agreed they would try and have it collected when the replacement was delivered.  Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple.  I received an e-mail at close of play on the Friday before Bank Holiday saying their carriers didn’t collect from the Channel Islands, and they would be on holiday the following week.  A week later Toolco contacted me again and asked if I could get a price for shipping from Jersey and they would figure out how to reimburse me.  After a bit of ringing round I settled for DHL and called Toolco back with the price.  At their suggestion, instead of cash changing hands, we agreed they would include another two tool-holders which more than covered the cost of shipping.  Fortunately my other half works near the airport where the carriers are based and she was happy to deliver the package there.  Happy days, there’s me naively thinking the two parcels would be crossing over the Channel like ships in the night, wrong again.  It was almost a week later when Toolco contacted me to say they had received the package (it had been delivered next door by mistake), and would be shipping the replacement at the end of the week.  All in all it’s taken around a month to get here, I’m not blaming Toolco, I’m writing this to illustrate how frustrating it can be living in a place where you are totally dependant on goods having to be shipped from the mainland, rant over!

Well’ they’re here now so what do you get for your money?  The set itself comprises of the Tool-Post and five holders, a Standard  Holder, a Vee Holder, a Parting Off holder, a Boring Bar Holder and a Knurling Holder.  All the holders can be adjusted to centre the tool you are using with an adjustment wheel which in turn is locked in place with a nut.  The various holders are locked onto the tool-post via a piston mechanism which pushes them into the vee groove on the tool-post.  The whole set is nicely finished in black.  All in all nice.  Now the fun part how do you fit it to your lathe?

After whipping of the existing tool-post from my lathe, it was quickly apparent that this wouldn’t be a two minute job, theres no instructions with the kit, but having said that I suppose every make of lathe is different.  On my lathe it looks like it’s going to be a strip down of the Top Slide at least.  Looking t it, fitting the Tool-Post is going to be a subject unto itself, and I think a separate blog is called for, that’s once I’ve figured out how to do it!!!!!


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