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September 14, 2017


Where do I start?

by martinbrewster2010

This is, as I am sure you will soon realise, is my first attempt at blogging.  So, what do I want out of it and, more importantly, what will you, the reader, get out of it? Right off the bat, this isn’t some vanity thing, it’s not about me, I do not in any way profess to be an expert, some sort of guru who expects his every word to be taken as gospel.  No, I’m just a guy who happens to be passionate about his hobby, and if I have something of value to offer, then I want to share it with my fellow model engineers.

Another reason for this blog is it’s bloody lonely here in Jersey, to the best of my knowledge there are no societies or groups of like minded people, so it would be good to make new friends, bye the way, if anyone from Jersey does read this there is a contact page.

OK that’s enough of the sad violin sympathy music, what is this site all about?  The answer to that is simple, anything and everything about model engineering.  You’ll see there are blogs about my workshop, my models, ongoing projects, various tools, general discussions etc.  I will stress that all opinions expressed are my own and I’m sure not everyone will agree, if not let me know!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been doing something, we all can learn, and remember my motto, ‘if it were easy, anyone could do it’!


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  1. Sep 15 2017

    Know the feeling



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