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September 17, 2017

My Workshop

by martinbrewster2010

Unfortunately I don’t own a shed or a garage for that matter, so where I could put a workshop was a problem.  Fortunately we did have a spare room which was just collecting junk and clutter and hadn’t been used as a bedroom for quite sometime.

The room itself is 4 x 2.5 meters which isn’t a bad size, although there are a set of wardrobes along part of one wall which could’t be moved.  I can’t remember whether it was the bribery, pleading, or just the sympathy thing as I was still convalescing from my accident that won the day, but my long suffering partner, Christine, finally agreed to allowing me to use it on condition I kept it tidy and my projects didn’t start creeping to other areas of our flat.


Machines and Workbench

All systems go, I measured everything up and worked out the best layout which would give me enough room to work, and more importantly, have plenty of storage. My thoughts were if I used freestanding units with worktops cut to length the whole area could be easily configured giving me plenty of drawer space plus shelving beneath the worktops.  A quick trip to our local B&Q and for only a couple of hundred pounds I could purchase everything I needed.  Once everything was delivered it was only a couple of days work to put it all together although it was a bit of a puzzle how to manoeuvre the longest worktop in.  The designated areas where the machine tools were going were strengthened with 4 x 2 lengths of timber to be on the safe-side (I knew they were going to be heavy, but not that heavy!) and every thing was ready for the delivery of the machinery.


Getting the machines in was fun and games mainly because I underestimated weight of the bloody things! the lathe being 125kg and Milling Machine 120kg.  Anyway with the help of a few mates and quite a few pints later, by way of payment, I was good to go.

I’ve tried to configure the workshop so theres a ‘dirty’ side and a ‘not so dirty’ side (lower image) where I do jobs such as assemblies etc.  In reality it doesn’t take me long before it all looks like a tip!   With the available space being fairly limited I have made the under-bench storage to suit the other power tools I have which I’ll discuss in another blog.  I’m not the tidiest person in the world but I’ve managed to adapt to the storage available and learned to put tools away once I’ve done with them.

Before I leave this blog you may be wondering ‘why the cat?’, let me introduce ‘she who must be served’, Puddin’, our grumpy Maincoon Cat, all 9.5 kilo of her.


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