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September 19, 2017

Stuart 10V

by martinbrewster2010

There’s not a lot can be said about the ubiquitous Stuart 10V.  How many modellers have cut their teeth on this little beauty?

I bought this little engine as a distraction from a project I was working on at the time, which seemed to be going on indefinitely, sometimes it’s good to walk away for a while and return with a new vigour.  There’s not much to be said about this model that hasn’t been said before, it’s probably the ideal starter engine.  There’s lots of information on the internet on building this including Harold Halls’ comprehensive build log.  Additionally there is the Stuart booklet which can be bought from them.  Needless to say, I didn’t follow their recommendations, especially when it came to using the faceplate to machine the frame.


It’s not a difficult engine, but it does require some careful machining, with a little thought it can even be built using just a lathe so is ideally suited to the small workshop.

I think the 10V took me about three weeks in all remembering I do have the luxury of being able to spend more time in the workshop than some.  The engine is easy to set up and should run easily on the smallest of compressors.

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