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September 20, 2017

Fitting a Quick Change Tool-post to the Toolco GV1022

by martinbrewster2010

Initially this job looks quite daunting especially when I first removed the tool-post.  The two main issues you are first faced with are the boss which is part of the top slide casting, and getting the threaded bolt out which means removing the top slide completely.



This is what I call one of those ‘chicken and egg jobs’, you need the lathe to modify the lathe!  As it happens it’s really not as bad as it first looks.  You do need to remove the top-slide but thats just a simple matter of removing the two retaining screws from the Dial Bracket and the slide just pulls away.  The bolt is secured underneath by a dowel and is a tap fit.  Now we can see what we have to deal with, we can see that the new bolt will need turning down and threading, and also some kind of locknut needs to be made to stop it turning when the new tool-post is slackened off.  The other jobs are on the slide itself and they are milling off the boss, and drilling and tapping the hole to accommodate the new bolt. I have included a drawing to illustrate what you will need to do.



Re-assemble the original top-slide and tool post then you can do the work on the bolt and nut, then strip it down and off to the milling machine to complete the machining.  The actual work is straightforward so there’s no need to go into great detail on how to machine the parts.


All it is now is a case of assembling the bolt and nut into the top slide, fitting it all back on the lathe, drop the new quick change tool post on and your all set.


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