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Greetings.  My name is Martin Brewster and I live in St Helier, Jersey.  I am happily retired (early) and loving every minute of it.  My passion is model engineering which keeps me pretty busy, and more importantly, out of the pub!

What I hope to achieve with this site is to gather like minded people together to enjoy the company, share ideas, help each other and have a general moan where necessary.  I will discuss my methods of building engines (mainly stationary steam), review tools and equipment I have acquired or made, and give feedback on the various suppliers I have used, and anything that takes my fancy as long as it concerns our hobby.

Firstly a little background, I am not presenting myself as a self proclaimed guru of the workshop, but I am a qualified engineer, which, I hope gives me a little credibility.  My workshop is small, I have a lathe and a milling machine and various other small power tools which I’ll talk about elsewhere. I have been into modelling most of my life, everything from Plastic models, RC aircraft to Boats. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I took to Model Engineering, when, courtesy of a ‘boy racer’ losing control of his motor, completely smashed my right leg more or less forcing me to retire at 59.  With the help of an extremely good solicitor we stung the b****** for a reasonable amount of compensation which I invested in my machine tools, having always wanted a lathe to play with.  My first project was a Stothert and Pitt Beam engine from Cotswold Heritage which took me about six months to complete, and works probably more by good luck than good management but I was hooked and wanted to learn more.  I am now on engine number five which is the AJ Reeves Vulcan which is where I’ll pick up this blog from, although it’s around 50% complete.

My hope is that you will enjoy this site, and if you do share it with your friends.  I welcome feedback and would encourage others to share their comments.